A brief and easie explanation of the shorter catechism (1652) by John Wallis
A letter sent from the marquess of Argyle to the King of Scots (1652) by Archibald Campbell
A Scotch antidote against the English infection of Arminianism. (1652) by Robert Baillie
A sermon preached to the right honourable the lord mayor, and court of aldermen of the City of London (1652) by Stephen Marshall
A sober ansvver, to a serious question. (1652) by Daniel Cawdrey
A true relation of Mr. Iustice Cook’s passage by sea from Wexford to Kinsaile and of the great storm and eminent danger that he with others were in, with the wonderful appearance of the power & goodness of God in their deliverance according as it was revealed to him in a dream : as also M. Deedate with other witnesses (in Genevah) opinion concerning dreams occasioned by a remarkeable profettick dream of a Protestant marques daughter in Poland / all faithfully communicated as received from his own hand in the year 1650. (1652) by John Cook
An apologie for our publick ministerie, and infant-baptism (1652) by William Lyford
An exposition with practical observations upon the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth chapters of the book of Job (1652) by Joseph Caryl
Antinomianism discovered and confuted: and free-grace as it is held forth in Gods word (1652) by Thomas Gataker
Correction, instruction: or, A treatise of afflictions (1652) by Thomas Case
Cui præfigitur, de loquela sive sonorum formatione, tractatus grammatico-physicus. (1652) by John Wallis
De textus Hebraici veteris testamenti variantibus lectionibus ad Ludovicum Cappellum Epistola (1652) by James Ussher
Digitus dei: new discoveryes (1652) by Thomas Thorowgood
Dissertationis de tetragrammato suæ (1652) by Thomas Gataker
England’s deliverance from the northern presbytery, compared with its deliverance from the Roman papacy (1652) by Peter Sterry
Sabbatum Redivivum: or, the Christian sabbath vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the sabbath and the Lord’s day (1652) by Herbert Palmer
Sabbatum redivivum. Parts 2-4 (1652) by Daniel Cawdrey
Spiritual refining: or A treatise of grace and assurance (1652) by Anthony Burgess
Strength out of weakness. Or a glorious manifestation of the further progresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England (1652) by William Gouge
The beacon flameing with a non obstante (1652) by Francis Cheynell
The Christian Sabbath defended: against a crying evil in these times of the antisabitarians of our age (1652) by William Twisse
The doubting conscience resolved (1652) by William Twisse
The reformed spirituall husbandman (1652) by John Dury
The vindication of the law (1652) by John Cook