The doubting conscience resolved

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The doubting conscience resolved. In answer to a (pretended) perplexing question, &c. Wherein is evidently proved, that the holy Scriptures (not the pope) is the foundation whereupon the Church is built. Or, That a Christian may be infallibly certain of his faith and religion by holy Scriptures. By William Tvvisse D.D. Prolocutor of the Assembly of Divines. Written at the desire of Samuel Hartlib, Esquire, for the satisfaction of his friends beyond the seas; and now divulged in print for more publick edification.

City of Publication
printed for Thomas Matthews at the sign of the Cock in St Pauls Church-yard, 1652.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed.), T3421; Thomason, E.1321[1]; ESTC Citation R209067
[30], 136 p.; 12⁰.