A declaration of the Marquesse of Argyle, with the rest of the Lords, and others of the Estates of the kingdom of Scotland, concerning the Kings Maiesty, and the treaty; and their desires to the Parliament of England (1648) by Archibald Campbell
A letter from the Marques of Argile and Sir William Armyn, in the name of themselves and their confederates, to Sir Thomas Glemham (1643) by Archibald Campbell
A letter sent from the marquess of Argyle to the King of Scots (1652) by Archibald Campbell
A most noble speech spoken by the Lord Cambel of Lorne. one of his Majesties most Honourable Privie Counsell of Scotland (1641) by Archibald Campbell
A speech by the Marquesse of Argile to the Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament. 25. June 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
A true copy of a speech delivered in the Parliament in Scotland, by the Earle of Argile, concerning the government of the Church (1641) by Archibald Campbell
An honourable speech made in the Parlament of Scotland by the Earle of Argile (being now competitor with Earle Morton for the chancellorship) the thirtieth of September 1641 (1641) by Archibald Campbell
Edinburgh, at the Parliament-House (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Instructions to a son (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Letters from the Marquesse of Argyle, the Earle of Lanerick, Lord Warriston, and others now at Edenburgh, to their friends at London (1645) by Archibald Campbell
My Lord Marquis of Argyle his speech upon the scaffold, the 27 of May 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Lord Marques of Argyle’s speech to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, the 25th of this instant June, 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
The Marques of Argyll his defences against the grand indytement of high treason, exhibited against him to the Parliament in Scotland. (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquess of Argile his answer to his charge sent unto him in the Castle of Edinburgh, the 28. of January. (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquess of Argyle his petition to the Parliament of Scotland (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquesse of Argyle his speech concerning the King, the Covenant, and peace or warre betweene both kingdomes (1648) by Archibald Campbell
The speech and plea of Archibald Marquesse of Argyle to the Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh on the 5 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The speech of the late Marquiss of Argyll upon the scaffold May 27· 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble petition of Archibald Marquess of Argyle (1661) by Archibald Campbell