Primary Sources ~ John Dury

A briefe relation of that which hath been lately attempted to procure ecclesiasticall peace amongst Protestants (1641) by John Dury
A case of conscience concerning ministers medling with state matters in or out of their sermons resolved more satisfactorily then heretofore. (1649) by John Dury
A case of conscience resolved: concerning ministers medling with state-matters in their sermons (1649) by John Dury
A case of conscience, whether it be lawful to admit Jews into a Christian common-wealth? (1656) by John Dury
A copy of Mr. John Duries letter presented in Sweden to the truly noble and religious Lord Forbes (1643) by John Dury
A declaration of John Durie, a minister of Jesus Christ to witness the gospell of peace (1660) by John Dury
A demonstration of the necessity of settling some Gospel-government amongst the churches of Christ in this nation (1654) by John Dury
A memoriall concerning peace ecclesiasticall amongst Protestants (1641) by John Dury
A model of church-government (1647) by John Dury
A motion tending to the pvblick good of this age and of posteritie (1642) by John Dury
A pack of old Puritans (1650) by John Dury
A peace-maker without partiality and hypocrisie (1648) by John Dury
A petition to the honourable House of the Commons in England now assembled in Parliament (1642) by John Dury
A seasonable discourse written by Mr. Iohn Dury (1649) by John Dury
A second parcel of obiections against the taking of the engagement answered (1650) by John Dury
A summarie account of Mr Iohn Dury’s former and latter negotiation for the procuring of the true gospell peace (1657) by John Dury
A summarie platform of the heads of a body of practicall divinity (1654) by John Dury
A summary discourse concerning the work of peace ecclesiasticall (1641) by John Dury
An earnest plea for a Gospel-communion in the way of godliness (1654) by John Dury
An epistolary discourse (1644) by John Dury