Digitus dei: new discoveryes

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Digitus dei: new discoveryes; with sure arguments to prove that the Jews (a Nation) or people lost in the world for the space of near 200 years, inhabite now in America; how they came thither; their manners, customs, rites and ceremonies; the unparallel'd cruelty of the Spaniard to them; and that the Americans are of that race. Manifested by reason and scripture, which foretell the calling of the Jewes; and the restitution of them into their own land, and the bringing back of the ten tribes from all the ends and corners of the earth, and that great battell to be fought. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and an earnest desire for effectuall endeavours to make them Christians. Whereunto is added an epistolicall discourse of Mr John Dury, with the history of Ant: Monterinos, attested by Manasseh Ben Israell, a chief rabby. By Tho: Thorowgood, B:D.

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John Dury
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printed for Thomas Slater, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Angell in Duck-Lane, 1652.
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Wing (2nd ed.), T1066; ESTC Citation R219280
[44], 136, [4] p.; 4⁰.