Spiritual refining: or A treatise of grace and assurance

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Spiritual refining: or A treatise of grace and assurance. Wherein are handled, the doctrine of assurance. The use of signs in self-examination. How true graces may be distinguished from counterfeit. Several true signs of grace, and many false ones. The nature of grace unde divers Scripture notions or titles, as regeneration, the new-creature, the heart of flesh, vocation, sanctification, &c. Many chief questions (occasionally) controverted between the orthodox and the Arminians. As also many cases of conscience. Tending to comfort and confirm saints. Undeceive and convert sinners. Being CXX sermons preached and now published by Anthony Burgess sometime fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and now pastor of the church of Sutton-Coldfield in Warwickshire.

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printed by A. Miller for Thomas Underhill at the Anchor and Bible in Pauls Church-yard, near the little north-door, 1652.
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Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B5657; ESTC Citation R214156
[22], 696, [8] p.; 2⁰.
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2 Corinthians 13:5