A dissuasive from the errours of the time: wherein the tenets of the principall sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn together in one map (1645) by Robert Baillie
A parallel or briefe comparison of the liturgie with the masse-book, the breviarie, the ceremoniall, and other romish ritualls (1641) by Robert Baillie
A review of Doctor Bramble, late Bishop of Londenderry, his Faire warning against the Scotes disciplin (1649) by Robert Baillie
A review of the seditious pamphlet lately pnblished in Holland by Dr. Bramhell, pretended Bishop of London-Derry (1649) by Robert Baillie
A Scotch antidote against the English infection of Arminianism. (1652) by Robert Baillie
An historicall vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland (1646) by Robert Baillie
Anabaptism, the true fountaine of Independency, Brownisme, Antinomy, Familisme, and the most of the other errours (1647) by Robert Baillie
Appendix practica, ad Ioannis Buxtorsii epitomen grammaticæ hebrææ (1653) by Robert Baillie
Catechesis elenctica errorum qui hodie vexant Ecclesiam, ex nudis sacræ Scripturæ testimoniis (1654) by Robert Baillie
Errours and induration, are the great sins and the great judgements of the time (1645) by Robert Baillie
Ladensium autokatakrisis, the Canterburians self-conviction (1640) by Robert Baillie
Operis historici et chronologici libri duo (1668) by Robert Baillie
Prelacie is miserie (1641) by Robert Baillie
Satan the leader in chief to all who resist the reparation of Sion (1643) by Robert Baillie
The Disswasive from the errors of the time, vindicated from the exceptions of Mr. Cotton and Mr. Tombes. (1655) by Robert Baillie
The life of William now Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, examined (1643) by Robert Baillie
The unlawfulnesse and danger of limited episcopacie (1641) by Robert Baillie