A brotherly examination re-examined (1646) by Thomas Coleman
A defence of infant-baptism: in answer to two treatises, and an appendix to them concerning it (1646) by Stephen Marshall
A funerall sermon preached by Dr Gouge of Black-Friers London, in Cheswicke Church, August 24. 1646 (1646) by William Gouge
A just and necessary apology against an unjust invective (1646) by Edmund Calamy
A mistake, or misconstruction, removed (1646) by Thomas Gataker
A model of true spiritual thankfulnesse (1646) by Thomas Case
A modell of the government of the Church under the Gospel, by presbyters, proved out of the holy Scriptures (1646) by George Walker
A plot for the good of posterity (1646) by Francis Cheynell
A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, at their late solemn fast, August 26. 1646. (1646) by Jeremiah Burroughs
A shadow of the victory of Christ (1646) by John Maynard
A speech by the Marquesse of Argile to the Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament. 25. June 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
A treatise of Mr. Cottons, clearing certaine doubts concerning predestination (1646) by William Twisse
A two-edged sword out of the mouth of babes, to execute vengeance upon the enemy and avenger (1646) by Stephen Marshall
A vievv of some exceptions (1646) by Henry Hammond
A vindication of Mr Burroughes (1646) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Aarons rod blossoming. Or, The divine ordinance of church-government vindicated (1646) by George Gillespie
An after-reckoning with Mr Saltmarsh (1646) by John Ley
An historicall vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland (1646) by Robert Baillie
An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: For the ordination of ministers by the classicall presbyters (1646) by Parliament
De diphthongis, sive bivocalibus (1646) by Thomas Gataker
Deliverance-obstruction: or, The set-backs of reformation. (1646) by Thomas Case
Englands face in Israels glasse: or, The sinnes mercies judgements of both nations (1646) by Thomas Westfield
Englands plus ultra, both of hoped mercies, and of required duties (1646) by Joseph Caryl
Hamartolos hamartia: or, The sinfulnes of sin (1646) by Samuel Bolton
Heaven and earth embracing (1646) by Joseph Caryl
Higay’on sela The commemoration and exaltation of mercy (1646) by William Strong
Irenicum: to the lovers of truth and peace (1646) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Israels call to march out of Babylon unto Jerusalem (1646) by John Dury
Joseph paralled by the present Parliament, in his sufferings and advancement (1646) by Francis Woodcock
Joy out-joyed: or, joy in overcoming evil spirits and evil men, overcome by better joy (1646) by Joseph Caryl
Large additions to the Practicall catechisme (1646) by Henry Hammond
Lex talionis: or, God paying every man in his own coyn (1646) by Francis Woodcock
Light for smoke (1646) by John Ley
Male audis or An answer to Mr. Coleman his Malè dicis (1646) by George Gillespie
Male dicis maledicis. Or A brief reply to Nihil respondens (1646) by Thomas Coleman
Mans delinquencie attended by divine justice intermixt with mercy (1646) by William Price
Memorable dayes and vvorkes of God, in the yeare past. 1645 (1646) by Joseph Caryl
Miranda, stupenda. Or, The wonderfull and astonishing mercies which the Lord hath wrought for England (1646) by Henry Wilkinson, Jr.
Of conscience, scandall, vvill-vvorship, and superstition (1646) by Henry Hammond
Of idolatry (1646) by Henry Hammond
Of resisting the lavvfull magistrate under colour of religion, and appendant to it, or the word krima, rendred damnation, Rom. 13 (1646) by Henry Hammond
Publick affections, pressed in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons Febr. 25. 1645 (1646) by Anthony Burgess
Queen Esthers resolves: or A princely pattern of heaven-born resolution, for all the lovers of God and their country (1646) by Richard Heyrick
Religious covenanting directed, and covenant-keeping perswaded (1646) by Simeon Ashe
Self-deniall: opened and applied in a sermon before the reverend Assembly of Divines (1646) by Edward Reynolds
Selfe-examination required in every one, for the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1646) by Daniel Cawdrey
Severall speeches, spoken by the right honourable the Earle of Loudoun, Lord high Chancellor of Scotland (1646) by John Campbell
Severall tracts (1646) by Henry Hammond
Shadowes without substance, or, Pretended new lights (1646) by Thomas Gataker
The arraignment of errour: or, A discourse serving as a curb to restrain the wantonnesse of mens spirits in the entertainment of opinions (1646) by Samuel Bolton