Male audis or An answer to Mr. Coleman his Malè dicis

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Male audis or An answer to Mr. Coleman his Malè dicis. Wherein the repugnancy of his Erastian doctrine to the word of God, to the solemne League and Covenant, and to the ordinances of Parliament: also his contradictions, tergiversations, heterodoxies, calumnies, and perverting of testimonies, are made more apparent then formerly. Together with some animadversions upon Master Hussey his Plea for Christian magistracy: shewing, that in divers of the afore mentioned particulars he hath miscarried as much, and in some particulars more then Mr Coleman. By George Gillespie, minister at Edinbrugh. Published by authority.

City of Publication
Printed for Robert Bostocke at the Kings head in Paules Church-yard, 1646.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed.), G754; Thomason, E.317[16]; ESTC Citation R200545
[8], 56 p.; 4⁰.