An historicall vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland

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An historicall vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland, from the manifold base calumnies which the most malignant of the prelats did invent of old, and now lately have been published with great industry in two pamphlets at London. The one intituled Issachars burden, &c. written and published at Oxford by John Maxwell, a Scottish prelate, excommunicate by the Church of Scotland, and declared an unpardonable incendiary by the parliaments of both kingdoms. The other falsly intituled A declaration made by King James in Scotland, concerning church-government and presbyteries; but indeed written by Patrick Adamson, pretended Archbishop of St. Andrews, contrary to his own conscience, as himselfe on his death-bed did confesse and subscribe before many witneses in a write hereunto annexed. By Robert Baylie minister at Glasgow. Published according to order.

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printed for Samuel Gellibrand at the Brasen-Serpent in Pauls-Churchyard, 1646
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B460; Thomason, E.346[11]; ESTC Citation R201008
[16], 79, [1]; 56 p.; 4⁰.