Shadowes without substance, or, Pretended new lights

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Shadowes without substance, or, Pretended new lights: together, with the impieties and blasphemies that lurk under them, further discovered and drawn forth into the light: in way of rejoynder unto Mr Iohn Saltmarsh his reply: entituled Shadowes flying away. Wherein nothing lesse is shewed to have been performed, then what the title page importeth; or the preface promiseth. As also, divers points of faith and passages of Scripture are vindicated and explained. By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. Published by authority

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printed for Robert Bostock dwelling in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Kings-head, 1646.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed.), G326; Thomason, E.353[25]; ESTC Citation R201089
[2], 52, 53a-62k, 53-114, [2] p.; 4⁰.