A body of divinitie (1645) by James Ussher
A brief view of Mr. Coleman his new-modell of church government (1645) by Adoniram Byfield
A brotherly and friendly censure of the errour of a dear friend and brother in Christian affection (1645) by George Walker
A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles: chronicall and criticall (1645) by John Lightfoot
A copy of a remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly (1645) by William Greenhill
A copy of a remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly (1645) by Sidrach Simpson
A dissuasive from the errours of the time: wherein the tenets of the principall sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn together in one map (1645) by Robert Baillie
A firebrand pluckt out of the burning (1645) by Benjamin Pickering
A full ansvver to a printed paper (1645) by Herbert Palmer
A sacred record to be made of Gods mercies to Zion: a thanksgiving sermon preached to the two Houses of Parliament (1645) by Stephen Marshall
A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons…26. day of August 1645 (1645) by John Lightfoot
A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at Westminster, August 22. 1645 (1645) by Thomas Case
A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemne monethly fast, Januarie 29th. 1644 (1645) by George Walker
A sermon preached before the Right Honorable House of Lords (1645) by Samuel Rutherford
A sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords … Wednesday the 28. of May 1645 (1645) by Alexander Henderson
A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the House of Lords, 27 August 1645 (1645) by George Gillespie
A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the House of Peeres (1645) by Jeremiah Burroughs
A sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Wednesday, Feb. 26. 1644 (1645) by John Maynard
A short declaration of the Assembly of Divines (1645) by Westminster Assembly
A speech made by Sergeant Wild in the honourable House of Commons, in the cause of Mercurius Britanicus (1645) by John Wilde
A speech of the Right Honourable the Earle of Louden, Lord Chancellour of Scotland: to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, upon the 12 of September, 1645 (1645) by John Campbell
A view of the nevv Directory and a vindication of the ancient liturgy of the Church of England (1645) by Henry Hammond
An exposition of the five first chapters of the prophet Ezekiel (1645) by William Greenhill
An indictment against England (1645) by Edmund Calamy
Davids reserve, and rescue, in a sermon, preached before the Honourable, the House of Commons, on the fifth of November. 1644. (1645) by Charles Herle
De nomine tetragrammato dissertatio (1645) by Thomas Gataker
Englands antidote, against the plague of civil warre (1645) by Edmund Calamy
Englands Eben-ezer or, stone of help (1645) by John Arrowsmith
Englands impenitencie under smiting (1645) by Nicolas Prophet
Errours and induration, are the great sins and the great judgements of the time (1645) by Robert Baillie
God judging among the gods. Opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons (1645) by John Ward
Gods call to weeping and mourning (1645) by John Wincop
Gods covenant the churches plea: or A sermon preached before the honorable House of Commons (1645) by Francis Taylor
Gods eye on his Israel. Or, A passage of Balaam, out of Numb. 23.21 (1645) by Thomas Gataker
Gods master-piece. A sermon tending to manifest Gods glorious appearing in the building up of Zion (1645) by Stephen Marshall
Hēmera apokalypseōs. The day of revelation of the righteous judgement of God (1645) by William Strong
Hopes deferred and dashed (1645) by Thomas Coleman
Israels prayer in time of trouble, with Gods gracious ansvver therunto (1645) by Edward Reynolds
Israels tears for distressed Zion (1645) by John Wincop
Jehojadahs iustice against Mattan, Baals priest: or The covenanters justice against idolaters (1645) by Joshua Hoyle
Judgment and mercy: or, the plague of frogges inflicted, removed (1645) by Josias Shute
Katabaptistai kataptüstoi. The dippers dipt, or, the Anabaptists dvck’d and plvng’d over head and eares, at a disputation in Southwark. (1645) by Daniel Featley
Letters from the Marquesse of Argyle, the Earle of Lanerick, Lord Warriston, and others now at Edenburgh, to their friends at London (1645) by Archibald Campbell
Madam, although my former freedom in writing might rather give me occasion to beg pardon for a fault committed (1645) by John Dury
Madam, ever since I had a resolution to make a change in my life by marriage … (1645) by John Dury
Mercies memoriall. Set out in a sermon preached in Paul’s Church, Novemb. 17. 1644 (1645) by William Gouge
Mercy rejoycing against judgement: or, God waiting to be gracious to a sinfull nation (1645) by John Strickland
Moderation justified, and the Lords being at hand emproved, in a sermon (1645) by Thomas Thorowgood
Nihil respondes: or, A discovery of the extream unsatisfactorinesse of Master Colemans peece (1645) by George Gillespie
Occasus occidentalis: or, Job in the Vvest (1645) by John Bond