A body of divinitie

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A body of divinitie, or The summe and substance of Christian religion, catechistically propounded, and explained, by way of question and answer: methodically and familiarly handled. Composed long since by James Vsher B. of Armagh. And at the earnest desires of divers godly Christians now printed and published. VVhereunto is adjoyned a tract, intituled Immanuel, or The mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God; heretofore writen and published by the same authour.

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printed by M[iles]. F[lesher]. for Tho. Dovvnes and Geo: Badger, and are to be sold in S. Dunstans Church-yard in Fleetstreet, MDCXLV. [1645]
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Wing (CD-Rom, 1996), U151; ESTC Citation R19025
[8] p., 2 l., 3-451, [15], 24 p.; 2⁰.