Primary Sources ~ Church government

A brief view of Mr. Coleman his new-modell of church government (1645) by Adoniram Byfield
A copy of a remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly (1645) by William Greenhill
A demonstration of the necessity of settling some Gospel-government amongst the churches of Christ in this nation (1654) by John Dury
A full ansvver to a printed paper (1645) by Herbert Palmer
A late dialogue betwixt a civilian and a divine, concerning the present condition of the Church of England. (1644) by George Gillespie
A model of church-government (1647) by John Dury
A modell of the government of the Church under the Gospel, by presbyters, proved out of the holy Scriptures (1646) by George Walker
A modest advertisement concerning the present controversie about church-government (1641) by George Morley
A peaceable and temperate plea for Pauls presbyterie in Scotland (1642) by Samuel Rutherford
A short relation of the state of the Kirk of Scotland since the reformation of religion, to the present time for information, and advertisement to our brethren in the Kirk of England, by an hearty well-wisher to both kingdomes. (1638) by Archibald Johnston
A survey of the Survey of that summe of church-discipline penned by Mr. Thomas Hooker (1658) by Samuel Rutherford
A vindication of the dissertations concerning episcopacie (1654) by Henry Hammond
Aarons rod blossoming. Or, The divine ordinance of church-government vindicated (1646) by George Gillespie
An ansvver to the animadversions on the dissertations touching Ignatius’s epistles, and the episcopacie in them asserted. (1654) by Henry Hammond
An appeale to every impartiall, iudicious, and godly reader: whether the presbyterie or prelacie be the better church-government (1641) by Calybute Downing
An assertion of the government of the Church of Scotland (1641) by George Gillespie
An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: For the ordination of ministers by the classicall presbyters (1646) by Parliament
Considerations of present use concerning the danger resulting from the change of our church government· (1644) by Henry Hammond
CXI propositions concerning the ministerie and government of the Church (1647) by George Gillespie
Diatribē. VVherein the judgement of the reformed churches and Protestant divines, is shewed, concerning ordination (1647) by Sidrach Simpson