The due right of presbyteries

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The due right of presbyteries or, A peaceable plea for the government of the Church of Scotland, wherein is examined 1. The way of the Church of Christ in New England, in brotherly equality, and independency, or coordination, without subjection of one church to another. 2. Their apology for the said government, their answers to thirty and two questions are considered. 3. A treatise for a church covenant is discussed. 4. The arguments of Mr. Robinson in his justification of separation are discovered. 5. His treatise, called, The peoples plea for the exercise of prophecy, is tryed. 6. Diverse late arguments against presbyteriall government, and the power of synods are discussed, the power of the prince in matters ecclesiastical modestly considered, & divers incident controversies resolved. By Samuel Rutherfurd Professor of Divinity at Saint Andrewes.

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printed by E. Griffin, for Richard Whittaker, and Andrew Crook and are to be sold at their shops in Pauls Church-Yard, 1644.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), R2378; Thomason, E.41[1]; Sabin, 74456; ESTC Citation R12822
[24], 208, 229-268, 259-454, 451-497, p. 484, 185-468 p.; 4⁰.