The reduction of episcopacie

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The reduction of episcopacie unto the form of synodical government received in the ancient Church: proposed in the year 1641. as an expedient for the prevention of those troubles, which afterwards did arise about the matter of church-government. By the most reverend and learned father of our Church Dr. James Usher, late Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland. A true copy set forth by Nicolas Bernard, D.D. preacher to the Honourable Society of Grayes Inne occasioned by an imperfect copy lately printed

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printed by E.C. for R. Royston at the Angel in Ivie-lane, 1656.
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Wing (2nd ed.), U217; Thomason, E.897[1]; ESTC Citation R203884
[8], 7, [1] p.; 4⁰.