A model of church-government

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A model of church-government: or, The grounds of the spirituall frame and government of the house of God. Shewing, what the holy Scriptures have therein delivered; what the best Reformed Churches do practise; what the tender consciences may rest in. For the better satisfaction of such as scruple at the work of reformation, declared and appointed by severall ordinances of Parliament. By John Dury, one of the Assembly of Divines; who hath travelled heretofore in the work of peace among the churches.

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printed by T.R. and E.M. for John Bellamy, and are to be sold at his shop at the three golden Lyons neer the Royall Exchange, 1647.
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Wing (2nd ed., 1994), D2873; Thomason, E.383[26]; ESTC Citation R21589
[32], 56 p.; 4⁰.