A declaration of His Excellency Robert E. of Warwick Lord High Admirall of England, concerning the uniting of the two navies, and restoring of the Kings Majesty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the rest of the royall issue to their just rights and privledges (1648) by Robert Rich
A jvdicious speech made by the Right Honourable the Lord Kimbolton, in Parliament, Ianuary 3, 1641 (1642) by Edward Montagu
A letter sent from the Right Honorable, Robert, Earl of Warwick, Admirall of the sea, to M. John Pym, Esq (1642) by Robert Rich
A most vvorthy speech (1642) by Robert Rich
A speech in Parliament (1642) by William Fiennes
A speech of the right honorable the Lord Vicount Say and Seale, one of his Maiesties Privie Councell. Spoken in Parliament the 25th. day of February, Anno Dom. 1642 (1642) by William Fiennes
According to His Majesties especial command to me signified for avoiding the great dangers happening by fire (1662) by Edward Montagu
Concerning the King, Parliament, Army, and kingdome (1648) by Robert Rich
Containing a narrative of his proceedings in pursuit of the revolted ships, and their declining the engagement (1648) by Robert Rich
Earl of Manchesters speech to His Majesty, in the name of the peers, at his arrival at White-Hall (1660) by Edward Montagu
Folly and madnesse made manifest (1659) by William Fiennes
Fully relating the condition of the affaires at sea (1648) by Robert Rich
In answer to the Lord Arch-bishop of Canterburies last speech, and concerning the liturgie of the Church of England (1641) by William Fiennes
Manchesters resolution against the Lord Strange (1642) by Edward Montagu
Reasons delivered by the Right Honourable the Earle of Manchester: for nulling the forc’d votes, and against the high and visible insolencies of those that forced the Houses. (1647) by Edward Montagu
Relating the taking of all the forts, and 16 pieces of ordnance, from the malignant Cornishmen, that had before besieged the city of Exeter (1643) by Robert Rich
The Earl of VVarwick’s letter from aboard His Majesties ship (1642) by Robert Rich
The Earle of VVarvvicks summons to the Kings fleet at Gowry, and Prince Charles his answer (1648) by Robert Rich
The right honourable the Lord Kimbolton his speech in Parliament, Ian. 3. 1641 (1642) by Edward Montagu
The Scots designe discovered (1654) by William Fiennes
The speech of the Right Honorable Edward Earl of Manchester, lord chamberlaine of His Majestie’s houshold, delivered at the Guild-hall London, on Thursday, being the first day of Dec. 1664 (1664) by Edward Montagu
Three speeches delivered at a common-hall (1643) by Edward Montagu
To the church wardens and constables (1644) by Edward Montagu
To the speaker of the House of Peeres (1644) by Robert Rich
Tvvo speeches in Parliament of the right honourable William, Lord Vicount Say and Seale (1641) by William Fiennes
Tvvo speeches spoken by the Earl of Manchester, and Jo: Pym Esq (1643) by Edward Montagu
Whereas divers troopers, dragooneers, and foot-souldiers belonging to the army under my command, raised for the defence of the associated counties, have lately absented themselves from their colours and the army, and are gone to the places of their former abode, and to other towns and places within this association, to the great prejudice of the service for which they were set forth, and bad example of the whole army (1643) by Edward Montagu