Three speeches delivered at a common-hall

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Three speeches delivered at a common-hall, on Saturday the 28 of July, 1643. At the reading of a proclamation from the King: viz. I. By Edward Earl of Manchester, concerning the Tower of London. II. By John Pym Esq; by way of observation upon the said proclamation. III. By Henry Martin Colonell, concerning Sir William Waller, and what course is now to be taken. With a true copy of the proclamation aforesaid. Also, the deposition of Mr. Mayo, taken at Bridges in Flanders, Iuly 20. 1643. concerning contributions there made for the assistance of the papists in England. Imprimatur, John White

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Printed for Peter Cole, and are to be sold at the Glove and Lyon neer the Royall-Exchange, August 1. [1643]
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Wing (2nd ed.), T1118A; ESTC Citation R202903
13, 12-18 p.; 4⁰.