A most vvorthy speech

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A most vvorthy speech, spoken by the Right Honourable Robert Earle of VVarvvicke; in the head of his army, November, 22. when he tooke his leave of them, and delivered them under the command of his Excellence the Earle of Essex· VVherein is contained all the duties of a Christian souldier, both toward God and man, with many religious advertisements, to deterre them from swearing, and taking the name of the Lord in vaine. VVhereunto is annexed a caveat for the Cavaliers, being a true example of Gods iudgement against one of that crew, which tooke a pride in blaspheming against God, and cursing the Roundheads

City of Publication
printed by T. Fawcet, Novem. 29. 1642.
Year Published
Wing (CD-Rom, 1996), W1008; Thomason, E.128[30]; ESTC Citation R739
[2], 6 p.; 4⁰.
Date Preached
November 22, 1642