Concerning the King, Parliament, Army, and kingdome

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The remonstrance and declaration of His Excellencie Robert E. of VVarwick, Lord High Admirall of England; concerning the King, Parliament, Army, and kingdome. And his protestation and resolution, to the citizens of London, and all other His Majesties liege people, touching his engagement, for religion, Parliament, and kingdome. Subscribed, Warwick. Also, a letter and declaration from the Navy, to the apprentices of the City of London, and the mariners and water-men upon the river of Thames; containing their full resolution touching the Army. With the desire and proposals of the citizens of London, to his Excellency the Lord Gen. Fairfax, touching the horse and foot who are quartered in the city, and the general answer thereunto

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printed for John Woolridge, 1648.
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Wing (2nd ed.), W1009; Thomason, E.476[21]; ESTC Citation R205492
[2], 6 p.; 4⁰.