To the speaker of the House of Peeres

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A letter from the Right Honourable Robert Earle of VVarwicke, Lord High-admirall of England: to the speaker of the House of Peeres. VVith an exact diurnall of all the most speciall and remarkable passages which have hapned during the siege of Lyme in Dorsetshire by Pr. Maurice his forces, from the 21 of February to this present. Die Jovis, 10 Junii, 1644. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that the L. Admirals letter, with the diurnall concerning Lime be forthwith printed and published. J. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum

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printed for Iohn Wright in the Old-baily, June, 11. 1644.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed.), W1000; Thomason, E.50[25]; ESTC Citation R6193
[2], 10 p.; 4⁰.
Date Preached
June 10, 1644