A brief vindication of three passages in the Practical catechisme (1648) by Henry Hammond
A declaration of His Excellency Robert E. of Warwick Lord High Admirall of England, concerning the uniting of the two navies, and restoring of the Kings Majesty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the rest of the royall issue to their just rights and privledges (1648) by Robert Rich
A declaration of the Marquesse of Argyle, with the rest of the Lords, and others of the Estates of the kingdom of Scotland, concerning the Kings Maiesty, and the treaty; and their desires to the Parliament of England (1648) by Archibald Campbell
A message sent from the Kingdome of Scotland to His Highnesse the Prince of VVales: by the Right Hononrable [sic] the Earle of Lauderdaile. (1648) by Richard Byfield
A peace-maker without partiality and hypocrisie (1648) by John Dury
A sermon preached at Dorchester in the county of Dorcet, at the generall assizes held the 7. of March, 1632 (1648) by John White
A speech spoken by an honorable knight in the House of Commons upon the delivery of the city petition (1648) by John Maynard
A survey of the spirituall Antichrist (1648) by Samuel Rutherford
A thanksgiving sermon (1648) by Stephen Marshall
An olive branch of peace and accommodation (1648) by Thomas Hill
Christs coming opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster: May 17. 1648. (1648) by William Bridge
Concerning the King, Parliament, Army, and kingdome (1648) by Robert Rich
Containing a narrative of his proceedings in pursuit of the revolted ships, and their declining the engagement (1648) by Robert Rich
De Macedonum et Asianorum anno solari dissertatio (1648) by James Ussher
De novi instrumenti stylo dissertatio (1648) by Thomas Gataker
Emmanuel: a thanksgiving-sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons (1648) by Stephen Marshall
England saved with a notwithstanding (1648) by William Bridge
England’s champion (1648) by John Maynard
Epitome ugaiainonton logon, or, A taste of the truth as it is in Jesus (1648) by John Jackson
Eschol, or Grapes (among) thorns. (1648) by John Bond
Fully relating the condition of the affaires at sea (1648) by Robert Rich
God’s eternal preparations for his dying saints (1648) by Thomas Hill
Gospel-conversation (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Gospel-worship: or, the right manner of sanctifying the name of God in generall. (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
His Majesties concessions to the bill of abolition of arch-bishops and bishops, &c. stated and considered. (1648) by Richard Vines
Jacobs seed: or The generation of seekers (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Light in darknesse (1648) by William Carter
Loiola Scena et Amsterodami (1648) by John Hacket
Mysterious cloudes and mistes, shunning the cleer light, a little further disclosed, in a short answer to Mr. John Simpsons long appendix, entituled, Truth breaking forth through a cloud and mist of slanders (1648) by Thomas Gataker
Polycarpi et Ignatii epistolae: una cun vetere vulgata interpretatione Latina, ex trium manuscriptorum codicum collatione, integritati suæ restitutâ (1648) by James Ussher
Questions extracted out of the ordinance of Parliament to be propounded to receivers of the Lords Supper (1648) by Edward Reynolds
Self-surrender unto God, opened and applyed, in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons (1648) by Simeon Ashe
Sion College what it is, and doeth (1648) by Cornelius Burges
Sir Arthur Hesilrige’s letter to the honorable committee of Lords & Commons at Derby-House, concerning the revolt and recovery of Tinmouth-castle (1648) by Arthur Hesilrige
The balme of love (1648) by Francis Rous
The best and the worst magistrate: or, The people’s happiness and unhappiness, laid open in a sermon (1648) by Obadiah Sedgwick
The best and worst of Paul, and his character in both conditions (1648) by Thomas Hill
The clouds in which Christ comes. Opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons (1648) by Peter Sterry
The dailie examination, and arraignment of sins (1648) by James Ussher
The declaration of Mr. Alexander Henderson (1648) by Alexander Henderson
The Earle of VVarvvicks summons to the Kings fleet at Gowry, and Prince Charles his answer (1648) by Robert Rich
The form of church-government to be used in the Church of England and Ireland (1648) by Parliament
The grave and learned speech of Serjeant-VVilde, (journeyman-judge to the House of Commons) made at a conference with the Lords, the twelv’th of Aug. 1648 (1648) by John Wilde
The Harmonious consent of the ministers of the province within the county palatine of Lancaster (1648) by Richard Heyrick
The humble plea and protest, of Sr. John Maynard knight of the Bath and a (late member of the honourable house of Commons) (1648) by John Maynard
The Marquesse of Argyle his speech concerning the King, the Covenant, and peace or warre betweene both kingdomes (1648) by Archibald Campbell
The poor mans search in the field of Gods word (1648) by John White
The preeminence of the election of kings, or, A plea for the peoples rights (1648) by Samuel Rutherford
The protestation of Iohn White Doctor in Divinitie, which he caused to be written the day before his death (1648) by John White
The rare jevvel of Christian contentment (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs