Primary Sources ~ Letter

England’s champion (1648) by John Maynard
Fully relating the condition of the affaires at sea (1648) by Robert Rich
Joshua redivivus, or Mr Rutherfoord’s letters, divided in two parts (1664) by Samuel Rutherford
Letters from the Marquesse of Argyle, the Earle of Lanerick, Lord Warriston, and others now at Edenburgh, to their friends at London (1645) by Archibald Campbell
Madam, ever since I had a resolution to make a change in my life by marriage … (1645) by John Dury
Memorials of godlinesse and Christianitie. Part 1. (1644) by Herbert Palmer
Mr. Rutherfoord’s letters, the third edition now divided in three parts (1675) by Samuel Rutherford
Relating the taking of all the forts, and 16 pieces of ordnance, from the malignant Cornishmen, that had before besieged the city of Exeter (1643) by Robert Rich
Sir Arthur Hesilrige’s letter to the honorable committee of Lords & Commons at Derby-House, concerning the revolt and recovery of Tinmouth-castle (1648) by Arthur Hesilrige
Strength out of weakness. Or a glorious manifestation of the further progresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England (1652) by William Gouge
The Bishop of VVorcester’s letter to a friend for uindication of himself from Mr. Baxter’s calumny. (1662) by George Morley
The copy of a letter addressed to the Father Rector at Brussels, found amongst some Iesuites taken at London, about the third yeere of His Majesties raigne. (1643) by John Maynard
The copy of a letter written to Mr. Alexander Hinderson (1643) by John Dury
The doctrine of the Blessed Trinity briefly explained (1690) by John Wallis
The Earl of VVarwick’s letter from aboard His Majesties ship (1642) by Robert Rich
The humble plea and protest, of Sr. John Maynard knight of the Bath and a (late member of the honourable house of Commons) (1648) by John Maynard
The Lord Marques of Argyle’s speech to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, the 25th of this instant June, 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquesse of Argyle his speech concerning the King, the Covenant, and peace or warre betweene both kingdomes (1648) by Archibald Campbell
The Romish Fisher caught and held in his owne net (1624) by Daniel Featley
The true copy of the letter which was sent from divers ministers by Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Nye to the Generall Assembly of Scotland (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The unchanged, constant and single-hearted peace-maker drawn forth into the world (1650) by John Dury
Theological discourses containing VIII letters and III sermons (1692) by John Wallis
To the speaker of the House of Peeres (1644) by Robert Rich
Two letters written by Mr Harris in vindication of himselfe from the known slanders of an unknown author (1648) by Robert Harris
Two treatises (1662) by Henry Vane, Jr.