Joshua redivivus, or Mr Rutherfoord’s letters, divided in two parts

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Joshua redivivus, or Mr Rutherfoord's letters, divided in two parts. The first, containing these which were written from Aberdeen, where he was confined by a sentence of the High Commission, drawn forth against him, partly upon the account of his declining them, partly upo the account of his non-conformitie. The second, containing, some which were written from Anwoth, before he was by the prelats persecution thrust from his ministery; & others upon diverse occasions afterward, from St Andrews, London, &c. Now published, for the use of all the people of God; but more particularly, for these [sic] who now are, or afterward may be put to suffering for Christ & his cause; by a wellwisher to the work, & people of God.

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Wing (2nd ed.), R2381; ESTC Citation R31792
[48], 576 p.; 8⁰.