A plain, but full exposition of the catechism of the Church of England (1661) by William Nicholson
A sermon preach’d on the coronation day of K. Charles I (1661) by Ralph Brownrig
A sermon preached at the collegiate church at Manchester on Tuesday the 23. of April 1661 (1661) by Richard Heyrick
A sermon preached at the magnificent coronation of the most high and mighty King Charles the II (1661) by George Morley
A sermon preached to the Honorable citizens of London, September 29. 1659 (1661) by Philip Nye
An expository comment, doctrinal, controversal and practical upon the whole first chapter to the second epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians. (1661) by Anthony Burgess
Bowing towards the altar, upon religious reasons, impleaded as grossely superstitious. (1661) by Daniel Cawdrey
Christ a Christians onely gain: or, The excellency and desireableness of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, above all other things whatsoever (1661) by Richard Vines
Conscience informed touching our late thanksgivings, in a plain and modest [d]iscourse (1661) by William Lyford
De confirmatione, sive benedictione, post baptismum solenni, per impositionem manuum episcopi celebrata, commentarius ex sententia ecclesiæ Anglicanæ (1661) by Henry Hammond
Dr. Daniel Featley revived. Or The faithfull shepheard (1661) by Daniel Featley
Edinburgh, at the Parliament-House (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Ekthesis pisteōs or An exposition of the Apostles Creed (1661) by William Nicholson
Fourty sermons (1661) by Ralph Brownrig
Instructions to a son (1661) by Archibald Campbell
My Lord Marquis of Argyle his speech upon the scaffold, the 27 of May 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Prælectiones theologicæ (1661) by Richard Holdsworth
The bowels of tender mercy (1661) by Obadiah Sedgwick
The Christians living to Christ (1661) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The excellency of holy courage in evil times (1661) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The Marques of Argyll his defences against the grand indytement of high treason, exhibited against him to the Parliament in Scotland. (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquess of Argile his answer to his charge sent unto him in the Castle of Edinburgh, the 28. of January. (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquess of Argyle his petition to the Parliament of Scotland (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The povver communicated by God to the prince, and the obedience required of the subject (1661) by James Ussher
The speech and plea of Archibald Marquesse of Argyle to the Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh on the 5 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The speech of the late Marquiss of Argyll upon the scaffold May 27· 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The works of Mr Stephen Marshall (1661) by Stephen Marshall
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble petition of Archibald Marquess of Argyle (1661) by Archibald Campbell