The works of Mr Stephen Marshall

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The works of Mr Stephen Marshall, late minister of the Gospel at Finching-Field in Essex. And since at Ipswitch in Suffolk. The first part. Viz. I. Of Christ's intercession. And of sins of infirmity. II. The high priviledge of beleevers. They are the sons of God. III. Faith the only means spiritually to feed on Christ. IV. Of self-denial. V. The saints duty to keep their heart in a good frame, etc. VI. The mystery of spiritual life. Attested by Ralph Venning.

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printed by Peter Cole, and Edward Cole, printers and book-sellers, at the sign of the Printing-press in Cornhil near the Royal Exchange, 1661.
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Wing (2nd ed.), M747; ESTC Citation R214099
[18], 152, 78, [2] p.; 4⁰.