The Christians living to Christ

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The Christians living to Christ. Wherein is shewed, 1. What it is to live to our selves. 2. Nine reasons why we should not live to our selves. 3. Christians must live to Christ, and what living to Christ is. 4. Ten reasons why Christians ought to live to Christ. 5. The excellency of living to Christ. 6. Eight directions to Christians, how they should live to Christ. 7. The death of Christ is a great argument why Christians should live to him. 8. The resurrection of Christ is of great power to make Christians live to Christ. By Jeremiah Burroughs, preacher of the gospel at Stepney and Criple-gate, London. Published by Thomas Goodwin, William Greenhill, Sydrach Sympson, Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderly.

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printed by Peter Cole and Edward Cole, printers and book-sellers, at the printing-press in Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange, 1661.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B6060A; ESTC Citation R233864
[6], 81, [1] p.; 4⁰.