Primary Sources ~ Salvation

A brief discourse of mans estate in the first and second Adam (1653) by Robert Harris
A golden topaze, or, Heart-jewell (1656) by Francis Whiddon
An antidote against errour, concerning justification (1670) by Thomas Gataker
Antinomianism discovered and confuted: and free-grace as it is held forth in Gods word (1652) by Thomas Gataker
Christ a Christians onely gain: or, The excellency and desireableness of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, above all other things whatsoever (1661) by Richard Vines
Christ dying and drawing sinners to himselfe (1647) by Samuel Rutherford
Christ set forth in his death, resurrection, ascension, sitting at Gods right hand, intercession, as the cause of justification (1642) by Thomas Goodwin
Christ the universall peace-maker (1651) by Thomas Goodwin
Four books on the eleventh of Matthew (1659) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Gods eye on his Israel. Or, A passage of Balaam, out of Numb. 23.21 (1645) by Thomas Gataker
Gospel remission (1668) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Jacobs thankfulnesse to God, for Gods goodnesse to Iacob (1624) by Thomas Gataker
Justification justified: or The doctrine of justification; briefly and clearly explained (1653) by Thomas Clendon
None but Christ, or A sermon upon Acts 4. 12 (1654) by Anthony Tuckney
Of a late, or, a death-bed repentance (1645) by Henry Hammond
Socinianisme in the fundamentall point of justification discovered, and confuted (1641) by George Walker
The comings forth of Christ in the power of his death (1650) by Peter Sterry
The covenant of life opened: or, A treatise of the covenant of grace (1655) by Samuel Rutherford
The doctrine of iustification cleared (1643) by Henry Roborough
The humbled sinner resolved what he should do to be saved. Or Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ the only way of salvation for sensible sinners (1656) by Obadiah Sedgwick