The doctrine of iustification cleared

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The doctrine of iustification cleared, by animadversions on Mr. John Goodwins animadversions upon Mr. George Walkers Defence of the true sense of the Apostle, Rom. 4.3, 5 &c. Together with an examination of both parts of his treatise of justification. Wherein the imputation of faith in a proper sense is denied, and the imputation of Christs righteousnesse active and passive affirmed, against that treatise. By Henry Robrough, Rector of Leonards East-cheape London.

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printed by R.C. and are to be sold by John Bellamy and Ralph Smith, at the signe of the three Golden Lions in Cornehill neare the Royall Exchange, 1643.
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Wing (2nd ed.), R1726a; ESTC Citation R6029
[20], 172, 126, 137-221, [3] p.; 4⁰.