An antidote against errour, concerning justification

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An antidote against errour, concerning justification. Or, The true notion of justification, and of justifying faith, cleared by the light of Scripture, and solid reason, from several mistakes of the words: which misapprehensions prove the seeds of dangerous errours. By the late Reverend and learned divine, Thomas Gataker of pious memory. In a discourse on Rom. 3. 28. too precious to be buried in obscurity. To which is added, The way of truth and peace: or, A reconciliation of the holy apostles, S. Paul and S. James, concerning justification by faith without works, Rom. 3.28. By works, and not by faith only, Jam. 2. 21, 24. By Charles Gataker, rector of Hoggeston in the county of Bucks.

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printed by J. C[ottrell]. for Henry Brome, at the Gun neer the west-end of S. Pauls., 1670.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), G311; McAlpin, III, p.590; ESTC Citation R6785
[12], 58, [4], 61-87, [3] p.; 4⁰.