Primary Sources ~ London

Sermons preached upon several publike and eminent occasions (1656) by Richard Vines
Sions praises. Opened in a sermon (1657) by Edward Reynolds
Some profitable directions both for priest & people (1657) by Henry Hammond
Temple-defilers defiled, vvherein a true visible Church of Christ is described (1645) by Richard Byfield
The anatomy of secret sins, presumptuous sins, sins in dominion, & uprightness (1660) by Obadiah Sedgwick
The art of divine meditation. Or, A discourse of the nature, necessity, and excellency thereof (1680) by Edmund Calamy
The best and the worst magistrate: or, The people’s happiness and unhappiness, laid open in a sermon (1648) by Obadiah Sedgwick
The booke of conscience opened and read in a sermon preached at the Spittle on Easter-Tuesday, being April 12, 1642 (1642) by John Jackson
The brand pluck’d out of the fire (1659) by Edward Reynolds
The Christians great design on earth, is, to attain assurance for heaven (1645) by Jeremiah Whittaker
The city remembrancer (1657) by Edmund Calamy
The city remembrancer. Or, A sermon preached to the native-citizens, of London (1657) by Edmund Calamy
The copy of a letter written to Mr. Alexander Hinderson (1643) by John Dury
The corruption of minde (1655) by Richard Vines
The dailie examination, and arraignment of sins (1648) by James Ussher
The decease of Lazarus Christ’s friend (1640) by Thomas Gataker
The difference between the spots of the godly, and of the wicked (1668) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The dignitie of chivalrie; set forth in a sermon preached before the Artillery Company of London, Iune xiii. 1626. (1626) by William Gouge
The doctrine of the bodies fragility (1654) by Edmund Calamy
The duty of such as would walke worthy of the Gospel (1646) by Matthew Newcomen
The exposition continued upon the nineteen last chapters of the prophet Ezekiel (1662) by William Greenhill
The fixed saint held forth in a farwell sermon (1662) by Edmund Calamy
The fountain opened: and the water of life flowing forth, for the refreshing of thirsty sinners (1657) by Obadiah Sedgwick
The glorious name of God, The Lord of Hosts. Opened in two sermons (1643) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The glory and beauty of Gods portion (1644) by Gaspar Hickes
The good mans death lamented. A sermon preached at Mary Woolnoth in Lumbard-street London, June 18th 1655 (1655) by Simeon Ashe
The good old vvay, Gods vvay, to soule-refreshing rest (1644) by Thomas Hill
The great danger of covenant-refusing, and covenant-breaking. Presented in a sermon (1646) by Edmund Calamy
The happinesse of those who sleep in Jesus (1662) by Edmund Calamy
The hearse of the renowned (1646) by Richard Vines
The hearts ingagement (1643) by Thomas Coleman
The impostures of seducing teachers discovered; in a sermon before the right honourable the Lord Major (1644) by Richard Vines
The joy of the just; with the signes of such. A discourse tending to the comfort of the deiected and afflicted (1623) by Thomas Gataker
The life and death of David (1645) by Gaspar Hickes
The Lords property in his redeemed people (1660) by Edward Reynolds
The magistrates dignity and duty. Being a sermon preached on Octob. 30. 1653 (1654) by William Spurstowe
The misery of a deserted people. Opened in a sermon (1659) by Edward Reynolds
The monster of sinful self-seeking, anatomized (1655) by Edmund Calamy
The morning-exercise, or some short notes taken out of the morning-sermons (1655) by Thomas Case
The present duty and endeavour of the saints (1646) by Joseph Caryl
The quarrell of the covenant, with the pacification of the quarrell (1644) by Thomas Case
The rare jevvel of Christian contentment (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The rare jewel of Christian contentment (1651) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The rich mans charge (1658) by Edward Reynolds
The righteous mans death lamented (1662) by Edmund Calamy
The saints happinesse (1660) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The saints nearness to God: being a discourse upon part of the CXLVIII. Psalm (1662) by Richard Vines
The saints rest: or Their happy sleep in death (1651) by Edmund Calamy
The saints transfiguration: or The body of vilenesse changed into a body of glory (1655) by Edmund Calamy
The speech of Major John Harris at the place of execution, near St. Mary Axe, on Monday the third of September, 1660 (1660) by John Harris