Primary Sources ~ London

An exposition with practicall observations upon the twenty-seventh, the twenty-eighth, and twenty-ninth chapters of the booke of Job (1657) by Joseph Caryl
An olive branch of peace and accommodation (1648) by Thomas Hill
Balme from Gilead, to cure all diseases, especially the plague (1626) by Henry Roborough
Christ a Christians onely gain: or, The excellency and desireableness of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, above all other things whatsoever (1661) by Richard Vines
Christian constancy crovvned by Christ (1624) by Thomas Gataker
Christos kai Kerdos. Christ the life, and death the gain, of every true beleever (1650) by Obadiah Sedgwick
Correction, instruction: or, A treatise of afflictions (1652) by Thomas Case
Davids prayer for Solomon (1643) by Joseph Caryl
Death and the grave no bar to believers happinesse (1656) by William Spurstowe
Divine cordials: delivered in ten sermons (1644) by Josias Shute
Earl of Manchesters speech to His Majesty, in the name of the peers, at his arrival at White-Hall (1660) by Edward Montagu
Eli trembling for fear of the ark. A sermon preached at St. Mary Aldermanbury, Decemb. 28. 1662. (1662) by Edmund Calamy
England’s deliverance from the northern presbytery, compared with its deliverance from the Roman papacy (1652) by Peter Sterry
Englands face in Israels glasse: or, The sinnes mercies judgements of both nations (1646) by Thomas Westfield
God’s eternal preparations for his dying saints (1648) by Thomas Hill
Gods drawing, and mans coming to Christ. Discovered in 32 sermons on John 6. 44 (1662) by Richard Vines
Gods fidelity, the churches safety: opened in a sermon (1659) by Edward Reynolds
Gods parley vvith princes (1620) by Thomas Gataker
Gods vvaiting to be gracious unto His people: together with Englands encouragements and cautions to wait on God (1642) by Thomas Case
Gods working and Brittains wonder (1660) by William Price
Good courage discovered, and encouraged: in a sermon preached before the commanders of the military forces, of the renowned citie of London (1642) by Simeon Ashe
Good courage discovered, and encouraged: in a sermon preached before the commanders of the military forces, of the renowned citie of London (1642) by Simeon Ashe
Gospel-conversation (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Gospel-reconciliation; or, Christs trumpet of peace to the world. (1657) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Gospel-worship: or, the right manner of sanctifying the name of God in generall. (1648) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Humilitie, the saints liuerie; or, The habit of humilitie, the grace of graces (1624) by Daniel Cawdrey
Inaccessible glory. Or The impossibility of seeing Gods face, whilst we are in the body (1655) by Thomas Hodges
Jehojadahs iustice against Mattan, Baals priest: or The covenanters justice against idolaters (1645) by Joshua Hoyle
Jehoshaphats caveat to his judges (1644) by Thomas Case
Jerusalems glory breaking forth into the world (1675) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Joy in the Lord: opened in a sermon preached at Pauls, May 6 (1655) by Edward Reynolds
Judgements removed, vvhere judgement is executed (1644) by Anthony Burgess
Judgment and mercy: or, the plague of frogges inflicted, removed (1645) by Josias Shute
Justification justified: or The doctrine of justification; briefly and clearly explained (1653) by Thomas Clendon
Mercies memoriall. Set out in a sermon preached in Paul’s Church, Novemb. 17. 1644 (1645) by William Gouge
Meroz curse for not helping the Lord against the mightie (1641) by Stephen Marshall
Military discipline for the Christian souldier (1639) by Obadiah Sedgwick
Oppressor destroyed. As it was delivered in a sermon at Pauls Septem. 21. 1651 (1651) by Joseph Caryl
Peitharchia obedience to magistrates (1656) by Richard Vines
Prudent silence a sermon preached in Mercers Chappel to the lord mayor and city, Jan. 14, 1648 (1660) by Cornelius Burges
Reall thankfulnesse: or, A sermon preached in Pauls Church London, upon the second day of November, 1645 (1645) by Simeon Ashe
Reformation of church-government in Scotland, cleered from some mistakes and prejudices, by the Commissioners (1644) by Alexander Henderson
Religious covenanting directed, and covenant-keeping perswaded (1646) by Simeon Ashe
Repentance and prayer: or, the two fundamental pillars of the nation (1660) by Ralph Brownrig
Sarah and Hagar: or, Genesis the sixteenth chapter opened, in XIX sermons (1649) by Josias Shute
Seasonable truths in evil-times: in several sermons (1668) by William Bridge
Self-deniall: opened and applied in a sermon before the reverend Assembly of Divines (1646) by Edward Reynolds
Selfe-examination required in every one, for the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1646) by Daniel Cawdrey
Selfe-satisfaction occasionally taught the citizens in the lecture at St. Magnes neere London-bridge (1633) by Francis Taylor
Sensuality dissected; or, the epicure’s motto opened, censured, improved (1657) by Thomas Case