Meroz curse for not helping the Lord against the mightie

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Meroz curse for not helping the Lord against the mightie. Being the substance of a sermon, preached on a day of humiliation, at St. Sepulchers, London, Decemb. 2. 1641. By that powerfull and Godly [divine,] Mr. Stephen Marsh[all.] Published in one sheet of paper, [(not by the author)] but by a lover of truth, for t[heir good especially] that are not able to buy big[ger books.] Being a very seasonable subject, [wherein all that either] out of policie or sloth, refuse to [helpe the Lord, may see] their danger; and they that are willin[g are called, and directions] given to them, both what manner o[f persons they ought to be,] and what they ought to do [to helpe the Lord.] Wherein also every true Chri[stian may see, that though] they be never so weake or poore, [yet they may, and ought] to helpe the Lord, and by w[hat meanes.]

City of Publication
printed for Iohn Wright junior,
Year Published
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), M761C; ESTC Citation R180386
[2], 6 p.; 4⁰.
Scripture Text
Judges 5:23
Date Preached
December 2, 1641