The earnest breathings of forreign Protestants, divines & others

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The earnest breathings of forreign Protestants, divines & others: to the ministers and other able Christians of these three nations, for a compleat body of practicall divinity, and cases, wherein the grace of God hath more eminently appeared amongst us in these islands, then in the rest of the world besides. Which work hath been long in the heads and hearts of many worthy men to be undertaken, as appeareth by a letter written to Dr Usher, who much approved the same. And an essay of a modell of the said body of divinity, by J.D. highly approved by Dr George Horne, professor of the University of Leyden. Together with an expedient tendered for the entertainment of strangers, who are Protestants, and by their means to advance the Gospel unto their several nations and quarters. Humbly tendered to his Highness, the next Parliament, and the good people of the land.

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printed for T. Underhill, at the Anchor in Pauls Church-yard, 1658.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), D2855; ESTC Citation R3545
[9], 57 p.; 4⁰.