Hamartolos hamartia: or, The sinfulnes of sin (1646) by Samuel Bolton
Heaven and earth embracing (1646) by Joseph Caryl
Heaven ravished: or A glorious prize, atchieved by an heroicall enterprize (1644) by Henry Hall
Hēmera apokalypseōs. The day of revelation of the righteous judgement of God (1645) by William Strong
Higay’on sela The commemoration and exaltation of mercy (1646) by William Strong
Hopes incouragement pointed at in a sermon, preached in St. Margarets Westminster (1644) by Thomas Young
Ioabs counsell and King Davids seasonable hearing it (1643) by William Bridge
Israels call to march out of Babylon unto Jerusalem (1646) by John Dury
Israels peace with God Beniamines overthrow (1642) by William Carter
Israels petition in time of trouble. A sermon preached in St. Margarets Church at Westminster (1642) by Edward Reynolds
Israels prayer in time of trouble, with Gods gracious ansvver therunto (1645) by Edward Reynolds
Jerichoes dovvn-fall, as it was presented in a sermon preached in St. Margarets Westminster (1643) by Thomas Wilson
Lex talionis: or, God paying every man in his own coyn (1646) by Francis Woodcock
Magnalia Dei ab Aquilone (1644) by Richard Vines
Mercy rejoycing against judgement: or, God waiting to be gracious to a sinfull nation (1645) by John Strickland
Miranda, stupenda. Or, The wonderfull and astonishing mercies which the Lord hath wrought for England (1646) by Henry Wilkinson, Jr.
Nehemiah’s teares and prayers for Judah’s affliction, and the ruines and repaire of Jerusalem (1644) by John Greene
Oriens ab occidente: or, A dawning in the vvest. (1645) by John Bond
Prayers prevalencie for Israels safety (1643) by Thomas Carter
Publick affections, pressed in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons Febr. 25. 1645 (1646) by Anthony Burgess
Queen Esthers resolves: or A princely pattern of heaven-born resolution, for all the lovers of God and their country (1646) by Richard Heyrick
Rupes Israelis: the rock of Israel. A little part of its glory laid forth in a sermon (1644) by Edmund Staunton
Salvation in a mystery: or A prospective glasse for Englands case (1644) by John Bond
Satan the leader in chief to all who resist the reparation of Sion (1643) by Robert Baillie
Self-surrender unto God, opened and applyed, in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons (1648) by Simeon Ashe
Sermons preached upon several publike and eminent occasions (1656) by Richard Vines
Solomons choice: or, A president for kings and princes, and all that are in authority, presented in a sermon (1644) by Lazarus Seaman
Spirituall vvhordome (1647) by Thomas Case
The all–seeing vnseen eye of God (1647) by Matthew Newcomen
The arraignment of unbelief, as the grand cause of our nationall non-establishment (1645) by Joseph Caryl
The author and subject of healing in the Church (1660) by Edward Reynolds
The authours, nature, and danger of hæresie (1647) by Richard Vines
The axe at the root, a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their publike fast, April 26. 1643 (1643) by William Greenhill
The Christians course and complaint (1643) by Thomas Coleman
The churches duty, for received mercies (1647) by John Greene
The clouds in which Christ comes. Opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons (1648) by Peter Sterry
The covenant-avenging sword brandished: in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons (1643) by John Arrowsmith
The craft and cruelty of the churches adversaries (1643) by Matthew Newcomen
The difficulty of Sions deliverance and reformation (1644) by Humphrey Hardwick
The difficulty of, and the encouragements to a reformation (1643) by Anthony Burgess
The duty & honour of church-restorers (1646) by Herbert Palmer
The first sermon upon Hosea, chap. 14, vers. 1, 2 (1649) by Edward Reynolds
The fury of vvarre, and folly of sinne (1643) by John Ley
The glasse of Gods providence towards his faithfull ones (1644) by Herbert Palmer
The good man a publick good, 1. passively, 2. actively. (1643) by Daniel Cawdrey
The good of a good government, and well grounded peace (1645) by John Foxcroft
The great interest of states & kingdomes (1646) by Thomas Goodwin
The growth and spreading of hæresie (1647) by Thomas Hodges
The hearts ingagement (1643) by Thomas Coleman
The nature, solemnity, grounds, property, and benefits, of a sacred covenant (1643) by Joseph Caryl