Secondary Sources

Was Samuel Rutherford a Mystic? by Robert Arnold (About)
Was Westminster Calvinist? by Andrew T. B. McGowan (WCF)
Wesley’s revision of the shorter catechism: the Westminster shorter catechism of 1648 as revised by Rev. John Wesley, M.A. with notes explanatory of Wesley’s alterations by John Wesley (WSC)
Westfield, Thomas (1573-1644), Bishop of Bristol by J. Sears McGee (About)
Westminster 1640-60: A Royal City in a Time of Revolution by J. F. Merritt (WA)
Westminster Abbey Library: and other theological resources of the assembly of divines (1643-1652) by (WA)
Westminster and worship examined: a review of Nick Needham’s essay on the Westminster Confession of Faith’s teaching concerning the regulative principle, the singing of psalms, and the use of musical instruments in the public worship of God by Matthew Winzer (WCF)
Westminster Assembly by John Cannon (WA)
Westminster Assembly by J. A. Tallach (WA)
Westminster assembly (act. 1643-1652) by Chad B. Van Dixhoorn (WA)
Westminster Assembly of Divines by Daniel Curry (WA)
Westminster Assembly tercentenary by William E Brooks (WA)
Westminster Colledge: or, Englands complaint against those that sit in the chamber cald Ierusalem, alias, Henry the Seventh Chapell: being a discourse in meeter, in behalfe of Saint Peter, concerning the power of the keyes. by (WA)
Westminster Confession distinctives from the lecture notes given by Professor John Murray by Raymond O. Zorn (WCF)
Westminster Confession of Faith by John Frame (WCF)
Westminster confession of faith by Charles H. Chao (WCF)
Westminster Confession of Faith by Nevile Davidson (WCF)
Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) by Justin S. Holcomb (WCF)
Westminster Confession of Faith, Approved, Reproved, and Improved by Robert Young (WCF)
Westminster confession of faith; should it be changed by James McLeod (WCF)