Secondary Sources

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William Fiennes, First Viscount of Say and Sele: A Study in the Politics of Opposition, 1620-1640 by Nelson Parker Bard Jr. (About)
William Gouge: preacher and scholar by Kenneth Allen East (About)
William Twisse’ theological methodology: Concerning the order of decree and the object of predestination by Byung Soo Han (About)
Wilson, Thomas (c. 1601-1653), Church of England clergyman by Jacqueline Eales (About)
Windows on Westminster: a look at the men, the work and the enduring results of the Westminster Assembly by David W. Hall (About)
Winram [Windrahame], George, of Liberton, Lord Liberton (d. 1650), politician and judge by David Stevenson (About)
Word and Spirit in the Confessions of the European Reformation by Hendrik van den Belt (WCF)
Worship and Discipline: Context of Independent Church Order in the Westminster Assembly by Robert S. Paul (WA)
Worship and Sacraments by Susan Hardman Moore (DPW)
Worship in the Kirk: Knox, Westminster, and the 1940 Book by A. C. Cheyne (WA)
Worship in the Reformed Church by Robert Gibson Rayburn (DPW, WCF)
Worthies of Westminster by John S. MacIntosh (WA)
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