‘We have sick souls when God’s physic works not’: Samuel Rutherford’s pastoral letters as a form of literary cure by Alison Searle (About) – Added October 5, 2022
’The Unchanged Peacemaker’? John Dury and the politics of Irenicism in England, 1628-1643 by Anthony Milton (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“For reformation and uniformity”: George Gillespie (1613-1648) and the Scottish Covenanter Revolution by James Kevin Culberson (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“Not otherwise worthy to be named, but as a firebrand from Ireland to inflame this Kingdom”: the political and cultural milieu of Sir John Clotworthy during the Stuart Civil Wars by Andrew Robinson (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“Reformation and desolation:” the career of Stephen Marshall (1594-1655) by A. R. Cain (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“Spirituall musick”: the model of divine harmony in the work of Peter Sterry (1613-1672) by Tom Dixon (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“The King in His beauty” : the piety of Samuel Rutherford by Matthew Vogan (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“The Law Written in Their Hearts”?: Rutherford and Locke on Nature, Government and Resistance by Peter Judson Richards (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“The Mysteries of Christ”: James Ussher Among the Puritans, 1626 by Richard M. Snoddy (About) – Added December 16, 2021
“To revive the memory of some excellent men”: Edmund Calamy and the early historians of nonconformity: Friends of Dr. William’s Library fiftieth lecture by David L. Wykes (About) – Added December 16, 2021