Secondary Sources

A plain and familiar Method of Instructing the younger sort, according to the lesser Catechism…specially intended for the Governours of Families by Thomas Lye (WSC)
A Plea for the Revision of the Westminster Assembly’s “Shorter Catechism”; or, the Bible-in-schools difficulty solved by Pakeha Maori (WSC)
A Practical Exposition of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism by Henry Belfrage (WSC)
A preface to an addition [i.e. edition] of the Westminster Confession, &c. lately published at Edinburgh : being a full and particular account of all the ends and uses of creeds and confessions of faith. A defence of their justice, reasonableness and necessity as a publick standard of orthodoxy, and an examination of the principal objections brought by different authors, against them, especially such as are to be found in the works of Episcopius and Le Clerk, in the Rights of the Christian church, and in the Occasional papers. by William Dunlop (WCF)
A programmed study of the Westminster Confession of Faith by Donald W. Kaller (WCF)
A Puritan theology of preaching by Chad B. Van Dixhoorn (WA)
A Question of Concensus: The Doctrine of Assurance After the Westminster Confession by Jonathan Master (WCF)
A reception history of the Letter to the Hebrews in England, 1547-1685 by Kenneth Padley (About)
A reply to John Coffey’s analysis of Samuel Rutherford’s theology and political theory by Shaun De Freitas (About)
A report on the sources available for an account of the life of Sir Henry Vane, junior, during the period 1649-62 by E. M. Emlyn (About)
A Response to Dr. William Barker’s Article ‘Subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechsims’ by George W. Knight III (WA)
A response to Professor George Knight’s article ‘Subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms’ by William S. Barker (WCF, WLC, WSC)
A Scottish mystic by Agnes Maule Machar (About)
A scourge for the directorie, and the revolting synod. Which hath sitten this 5. yeares, more for foure shillings a day, then for conscience sake. By Judge Jenkins by David Jenkins (DPW)
A Series of Popular Notes (with Illustrative Anecdotes) one the Shorter Catechism, expressley adapted for the Teachers of Elementary Day-Schools by (WSC)
A sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645, at the funerall of that learned and polemicall divine, Daniel Featley, doctor in divinity, late preacher there, with a short relation of his life and death by William Loe (About)
A Short Declaration of the Westminster Assembly By Way of Detestation of The Doctrine That God is The Author of Sin by Henry Roborough (About)
A Short Explanation of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism, In a most Familiar Way. Design’d to promote Useful Knowledge among Professors; but especially the Younger Sort by William Notcutt (WSC)
A Short Explanation of the Shorter Catechism. Being the substance of some late Explanations of the same Catechism. With some Variations and Additions. By one that desires to promote Christian knowledge, as the way to life Eternal by Samuel Angier (WSC)
A Short History of the Westminster Assembly by William Beveridge (WA)