Secondary Sources

A history of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: embracing an account of its principal transactions, and biographical sketches of its most conspicuous members by (About)
A hot pepper corn: Richard Baxter’s doctrine of justification in its seventeenth-century context of controversy by Hans Boersma (About)
A Key to the Shorter Catechism; containing Catechetical Exercises, a Paraphrase, and a New and Regular series of Proofs on each Answer by James Gall (WSC)
A large discourse concerning algebra: John Wallis’s 1685 Treatise of algebra by Jacqueline Anne Stedall (About)
A Letter to the Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, respecting the powers ascribed to the Civil Magistrate, in the Westminster Confession of Faith by George Mathews (WCF)
A letter to the moderator of the next General Assembly: offering some considerations against the imposing of the Westminster confession of faith by James Allan (WCF)
A life of Gospel peace: a biography of Jeremiah Burroughs by Philip L. Simpson (About)
A Look at the Larger Catechism Questions and Answers 86-89 by Norman Shepherd (WLC)
A Miraculous Year Goes Bad by Michael P. Winship (WA)
A modest & brotherly ansvver to Mr. Charles Herle his book against the independency of churches [electronic resource] : wherein his foure arguments for the government of synods over particular congregations, are friendly examined and clearly answered : together with Christian and loving animadversions upon sundry other observable passages in the said booke : all tending to declare the true use of synods, and the power of congregationall churches in the points of electing and ordaining their owne officers and censuring their offendors by Richard Mather (About)
A modest offer of some meet considerations tendered to the learned prolocutor, and the rest of the Assembly of Divines, met at Westminster by Joseph Hall (DCG, WA)
A most familiar explanation of the Assemblies shorter catechism by Joseph Alleine (WSC)
A most familiar Explanation of the Assemblies Shorter Catechism, wherein the larger answers are broken into lesser parcels, thereby to let in the light by degrees into the minds of the Learners by Joseph Alleine (WSC)
A Most Lawful Pleasure: The Marriage of Faitha and Reason in the Thought of Thomas Goodwin by John M. Vickery (About)
A new directory for the public worship of God: founded on the Book of common order, 1560-64, and the Westminster directory, 1643-45 by Free Church of Scotland (DPW)
A New Set of Spectacles: the Assembly’s Annotations, 1645-1657 by Dean George Lampros (WA)
A Notable Tercentenary by John Murray (WA)
A parallel comparison of The Westminster Confession of Faith and the London Baptist Confession of 1689 by Daniel W. Wright (WCF)
A particular defence of particularism by Sebastian Rehnman (WA)
A Pilgrim’s Progress: From the Westminster Shorter Catechism to Naturalistic Pantheism by J. E. Barrett (WSC)