A hot pepper corn: Richard Baxter’s doctrine of justification in its seventeenth-century context of controversy by Hans Boersma (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A large discourse concerning algebra: John Wallis’s 1685 Treatise of algebra by Jacqueline Anne Stedall (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A life of Gospel peace: a biography of Jeremiah Burroughs by Philip L. Simpson (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A modest & brotherly ansvver to Mr. Charles Herle his book against the independency of churches [electronic resource] : wherein his foure arguments for the government of synods over particular congregations, are friendly examined and clearly answered : together with Christian and loving animadversions upon sundry other observable passages in the said booke : all tending to declare the true use of synods, and the power of congregationall churches in the points of electing and ordaining their owne officers and censuring their offendors by Richard Mather (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A Most Lawful Pleasure: The Marriage of Faitha and Reason in the Thought of Thomas Goodwin by John M. Vickery (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A reception history of the Letter to the Hebrews in England, 1547-1685 by Kenneth Padley (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A reply to John Coffey’s analysis of Samuel Rutherford’s theology and political theory by Shaun De Freitas (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A report on the sources available for an account of the life of Sir Henry Vane, junior, during the period 1649-62 by E. M. Emlyn (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A Scottish mystic by Agnes Maule Machar (About) – Added December 16, 2021
A sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645, at the funerall of that learned and polemicall divine, Daniel Featley, doctor in divinity, late preacher there, with a short relation of his life and death by William Loe (About) – Added December 16, 2021