Vertumnus Romanus, or, A discourse penned by a romish priest

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Vertumnus Romanus, or, A discourse penned by a romish priest, wherein he endevours to prove that it is lawfull for a papist in England to go to the Protestant church, to receive the Communion, and to take the oathes both of allegiance and supremacie. To which are adjoyned animadversions in the margin by way of antidote against those places where the rankest poyson is couched. By Daniel Featley Dr. in Divinitie. This book together with the author thereof was sent to the honourable House of Commons, by the care of some members of that House, employed in a committee neere Portsmouth, and it hath been thought fit to be published for sundry reasons.

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imprinted by I.L. for Nicolas Bourne, and Iohn Bartlet: and are to be sold at the south entrance at the Royall Exchange, and at the gilt Cup neere Austins Gate, in Pauls Church-yard, 1642.
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Wing (2nd ed.), F597; McAlpin Coll., II, p.128; ESTC Citation R201988
[20], 156 p.; 4⁰.