A briefe declaration of the universalitie of the Church of Christ, and the unitie of the catholike faith professed therein (1624) by James Ussher
A case concerning the buying of bishops lands with, the lawfulness thereof (1659) by Cornelius Burges
A case of conscience concerning ministers medling with state matters in or out of their sermons resolved more satisfactorily then heretofore. (1649) by John Dury
A case of conscience resolved: concerning ministers medling with state-matters in their sermons (1649) by John Dury
A comparison of the Parliamentary protestation with the late canonicall oath; and the difference betwixt them (1641) by John Ley
A discourse of the state ecclesiastical of this kingdom, in relation to the civil. (1664) by Calybute Downing
A dispute against the English-popish ceremonies, obtruded vpon the Church of Scotland (1637) by George Gillespie
A great wonder in heaven: or, A lively picture of the militant church, drawn by a divine pencill (1647) by John Arrowsmith
A late dialogue betwixt a civilian and a divine, concerning the present condition of the Church of England. (1644) by George Gillespie
A parænesis. Or, Seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England (1656) by Henry Hammond
A reply to the Catholick gentlemans Ansvver to the most materiall parts of the booke of Schisme (1654) by Henry Hammond
A Serious advice to the citizens of London (1657) by Edmund Calamy
A sermon preached to the honorable House of Commons; at their late solemne fast, December, 28 (1643) by Thomas Valentine
A sermon preached to the right honourable the lord mayor, and court of aldermen of the City of London (1652) by Stephen Marshall
A sermon touching the peace and edification of the church (1638) by Edward Reynolds
A short treatise describing the true church of Christ, and the evills of schisme, anabaptism and libertinism (1653) by Richard Byfield
A vievv of some exceptions (1646) by Henry Hammond
A voice from heaven, calling the people of God to a perfect separation from mystical Babylon (1654) by William Strong
A warning for England especially for London (1642) by Daniel Featley
Aien alētheuein, or, A brief account of one suggestion of the Romanist against The dispatcher dispatched (1660) by Henry Hammond
An epistle general, to the mystical body of Christ on earth (1662) by Henry Vane, Jr.
Christ’s government in and over his people. Delivered in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons (1642) by Thomas Temple
Featlæi palggenesia: or, Doctor Daniel Featley revived (1660) by Daniel Featley
Gods fidelity, the churches safety: opened in a sermon (1659) by Edward Reynolds
Irenicum; or, An essay towards a brotherly peace & union, between those of the congregational and presbyterian way (1659) by Matthew Newcomen
Katabaptistai kataptüstoi. The dippers dipt, or, the Anabaptists dvck’d and plvng’d over head and eares, at a disputation in Southwark. (1645) by Daniel Featley
Of schisme (1653) by Henry Hammond
Of the povver of the keyes (1647) by Henry Hammond
Roma ruens, Romes ruine (1644) by Daniel Featley
Sermons of Christ his last discovery of himself, of The spirit and bride (1656) by William Greenhill
Superstitio superstes: or, The reliques of superstition newly revived. (1641) by Daniel Cawdrey
Temple-defilers defiled, vvherein a true visible Church of Christ is described (1645) by Richard Byfield
The churches triumph over death. Opend in a sermon preached Septemb. 11. 1660 (1662) by Edward Reynolds
The dippers dipt, or, The Anabaptists duck’d and plung’d over head and eares (1646) by Daniel Featley
The grand sacrilege of the Church of Rome, in taking away the sacred cup from the laiety at the Lords Table (1630) by Daniel Featley
The great necessity of unity and peace among all protestants, and the bloody principles of the papists made manifest (1688) by James Ussher
The head of the church, the iudge of the world (1647) by Lazarus Seaman
The Lords property in his redeemed people (1660) by Edward Reynolds
The militant church, triumphant over the dragon and his angels (1643) by Thomas Hill
The pastoral office. Opened in a visitation-sermon preached at Ipsvvich October 10. 1662 (1663) by Edward Reynolds
The rise, growth, and danger of Socinianisme (1643) by Francis Cheynell
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Vertumnus Romanus, or, A discourse penned by a romish priest (1642) by Daniel Featley