[Directions for the profitable reading of the Scriptures] (1647) by John White
A body of divinitie (1645) by James Ussher
A brief and easie explanation of the shorter catechism (1652) by John Wallis
A brief discourse of mans estate in the first and second Adam (1653) by Robert Harris
A brief letter from a young Oxonian to one of his late fellow-pupils upon the subject of magnetism (1697) by John Wallis
A brief view of Mr. Coleman his new-modell of church government (1645) by Adoniram Byfield
A brief vindication of three passages in the Practical catechisme (1648) by Henry Hammond
A briefe answer to Doctor Fernes booke (1643) by Jeremiah Burroughs
A briefe catecheticall exposition of Christian doctrine (1632) by William Twisse
A briefe declaration of the universalitie of the Church of Christ, and the unitie of the catholike faith professed therein (1624) by James Ussher
A briefe narration of some church courses held in opinion and practise in the churches lately erected in New England (1644) by William Rathband
A briefe relation of that which hath been lately attempted to procure ecclesiasticall peace amongst Protestants (1641) by John Dury
A briefe unvailing of God and mans glory (1641) by John Greene
A brotherly and friendly censure of the errour of a dear friend and brother in Christian affection (1645) by George Walker
A brotherly examination re-examined (1646) by Thomas Coleman
A candle lighted at the lampe of sacred scriptures (1627) by Richard Byfield
A case concerning the buying of bishops lands with, the lawfulness thereof (1659) by Cornelius Burges
A case of conscience concerning ministers medling with state matters in or out of their sermons resolved more satisfactorily then heretofore. (1649) by John Dury
A case of conscience resolved: concerning ministers medling with state-matters in their sermons (1649) by John Dury
A case of conscience, concerning the sacrament of the Lords Supper (1641) by John Ley
A case of conscience, whether it be lawful to admit Jews into a Christian common-wealth? (1656) by John Dury
A case of great and present use (1677) by Philip Nye
A catechisme, containing a short exposition of the points in the ordinary catechisme (1624) by Henry Wilkinson, Sr.
A century of sermons upon several remarkable subjects (1675) by John Hacket
A chaine of graces: drawne out at length for reformation of manners (1622) by Cornelius Burges
A charge against the Jews, and the Christian world, for not coming to Christ, who would have freely given them eternall life (1647) by Thomas Valentine
A childe of light vvalking in darknes (1636) by Thomas Goodwin
A Christian amendment delivered in a sermon on New-yeares day 1631. (1633) by Henry Tozer
A collection of several sermons preached upon solemn occasions (1659) by Edmund Calamy
A collection of severall replies and vindications published of late (1657) by Henry Hammond
A collection of such answers and discourses (1657) by Henry Hammond
A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles: chronicall and criticall (1645) by John Lightfoot
A commentary upon the three first chapters of the first book of Moses called Genesis (1656) by John White
A comparison of the Parliamentary protestation with the late canonicall oath; and the difference betwixt them (1641) by John Ley
A compleat collection of farewel sermons (1663) by Edmund Calamy
A continuation of the defence of Hugo Grotius, in an ansvver to the review of his annotations (1657) by Henry Hammond
A copy of a letter written by Mr Stephen Marshall to a friend of his in the city (1643) by Stephen Marshall
A copy of a remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly (1645) by Sidrach Simpson
A copy of a remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly (1645) by William Greenhill
A copy of Mr. John Duries letter presented in Sweden to the truly noble and religious Lord Forbes (1643) by John Dury
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Francis Cheynell
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Henry Hammond
A crown of life, the reward of faithfulnesse (1662) by William Spurstowe
A debate concerning the English liturgy, both as established in & as abolished out of the worship of God (1656) by John Ley
A declaration of John Durie, a minister of Jesus Christ to witness the gospell of peace (1660) by John Dury
A defence of infant-baptism: in answer to two treatises, and an appendix to them concerning it (1646) by Stephen Marshall
A defence of the Royal Society, and the Philosophical transactions, particularly those of July, 1670. (1678) by John Wallis
A defence of the true sence and meaning of the words of the Holy Apostle Rom. chap. 4. ver. 3. 5. 9 (1641) by George Walker
A defense of infant-baptism (1697) by John Wallis
A defense of the Christian Sabbath (1692) by John Wallis