Two speeches of the Lord Chancellour of Scotland

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Two speeches of the Lord Chancellour of Scotland: the one, to the King at Newcastle; declaring, that if His Majesty refuses the advice given him, he will lose his friends, cities, and all England joyn against him; whereas, if he hearken to their councell, they will sacrifice their lives and fortunes for establishing of his throne. The other, at a conference with a committee of both Houses of Parliament; in answer to certain votes in Parliament; and giving the reasons, that the kingdom of Scotland have an equall interest to the person of the King; and that he cannot be disposed of, without the advice of that kingdome. And, that they cannot in duty nor honour deliver him (without his owne consent) to be disposed of, as the two Houses of Parliament shall think fit.

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Printed for T.H., Novemb. 9. 1646.
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Wing (2nd ed.), L3093; Thomason, E.361[3]; ESTC Citation R201202
[2], 4, [2] p.; 4⁰.