Primary Sources ~ Scotish Peers and Gentry

A declaration of the Marquesse of Argyle, with the rest of the Lords, and others of the Estates of the kingdom of Scotland, concerning the Kings Maiesty, and the treaty; and their desires to the Parliament of England (1648) by Archibald Campbell
A letter from the Marques of Argile and Sir William Armyn, in the name of themselves and their confederates, to Sir Thomas Glemham (1643) by Archibald Campbell
A letter sent from the marquess of Argyle to the King of Scots (1652) by Archibald Campbell
A most noble speech spoken by the Lord Cambel of Lorne. one of his Majesties most Honourable Privie Counsell of Scotland (1641) by Archibald Campbell
A second speech made by the Lord Lowden, in the Parliament of Scotland the 24. of Septemb. 1641 (1641) by John Campbell
A short relation of the state of the Kirk of Scotland since the reformation of religion, to the present time for information, and advertisement to our brethren in the Kirk of England, by an hearty well-wisher to both kingdomes. (1638) by Archibald Johnston
A speech by the Marquesse of Argile to the Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament. 25. June 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
A speech made by the Lord Lowden, to the Lords in the upper House of Parliament in Scotland, the 20 of Septemb. anno 1641 (1641) by John Campbell
A speech of the Right Honourable the Earle of Louden, Lord Chancellour of Scotland: to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, upon the 12 of September, 1645 (1645) by John Campbell
A true copy of a speech delivered in the Parliament in Scotland, by the Earle of Argile, concerning the government of the Church (1641) by Archibald Campbell
An addition to Swinton’s case, in relation to his father’s pretended forfeiture, upon occasion of the answer to it published by the Earl of Lauderdale (1690) by John Maitland
An honourable speech made in the Parlament of Scotland by the Earle of Argile (being now competitor with Earle Morton for the chancellorship) the thirtieth of September 1641 (1641) by Archibald Campbell
Articles and rules for the better government of his Majesties forces in Scotland (1675) by John Maitland
Bibliotheca selectissima diversum librorum, viz. theologicorum, philologicorum, historicum, mathemat. &c … quorum auctio habebitur Londini, in aedibus nigri cygus ex adyerfo australis porticus ecclesiae cathed. paulin in caemiterin D. Paul, 18 die April, 1687 / per Edvardum Millingtonum … (1687) by John Maitland
Causes of the Lords vvrath against Scotland, manifested in his sad late dispensations (1653) by Archibald Johnston
Edinburgh, at the Parliament-House (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Instructions to a son (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Letters from the Marquesse of Argyle, the Earle of Lanerick, Lord Warriston, and others now at Edenburgh, to their friends at London (1645) by Archibald Campbell
My Lord Marquis of Argyle his speech upon the scaffold, the 27 of May 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Reasons against the rendering of our sworne and subscribed confession of faith (1638) by Archibald Johnston