Unum necessarium

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Unum necessarium: or, The poore mans case: being an expedient to make provision for all poore people in the kingdome. Humbly presented to the higher powers: begging some angelicall ordinance, for the speedy abating of the prises of corne, without which, the ruine of many thousands ... is inevitable. In all humility propounding, that the readiest way is a suppression or regulation of innes and ale-houses, ... proving them by law to be all in a præmunire, and the grand concernment, that none which have been notoriously disaffected, and enemies to common honesty and civility, should sell any wine, strong ale, or beere, but others to be licensed by a committee in every county, upon recommendation of the minister, and such of the inhabitants in every parish, where need requires, that have been faithfull to the publike. Wherein there is a hue-and-cry against drunkards, as the most dangerous antinomians: and against ingrossers, to make a dearth, and cruell misers, which are the caterpillars and bane of this kingdome. By John Cooke, of Graies Inne, barrester.

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printed for Matthew Walbancke at Grayes Inne Gate, 1648.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed., 1994), C6027; Thomason, E.425[1]; ESTC Citation R204550
[2], 74 p.; 4⁰.