A late dialogue betwixt a civilian and a divine, concerning the present condition of the Church of England. (1644) by George Gillespie
A motion tending to the pvblick good of this age and of posteritie (1642) by John Dury
A peace-maker without partiality and hypocrisie (1648) by John Dury
A testimony left by Mr Rutherfoord to the Work of Reformation, in Britain and Ireland (1719) by Samuel Rutherford
An exhortation to the taking of the Solemne League and Covenant for reformation and defence of religion (1643) by Philip Nye
Church-reformation promoted: in a sermon on Matth. 18. vers. 15, 16, 17 (1657) by Daniel Cawdrey
Of schisme (1653) by Henry Hammond
Reasons shewing the necessity of reformation of the publick (1660) by Cornelius Burges
Reformation and desolation: or, A sermon tending to the discovery of the symptomes of a people to whom God will by no meanes be reconciled (1642) by Stephen Marshall
Reformation of church-government in Scotland, cleered from some mistakes and prejudices, by the Commissioners (1644) by Alexander Henderson
Reformation sure and stedfast; or, A seasonable sermon for the present times. Shewing the life and death of reformation (1641) by Thomas Ford
Reformation’s preservation: opened in a sermon at Westminster before the honourable House of Commons (1643) by Sidrach Simpson
The danger of vowes neglected and the necessitie of reformation (1646) by Francis Taylor
The danger of vowes neglected, and the necessitie of reformation (1646) by Francis Taylor
The difficulty of, and the encouragements to a reformation (1643) by Anthony Burgess
The duty & honour of church-restorers (1646) by Herbert Palmer
The reformation of the church to be endeavoured more then that of the common-wealth (1645) by Anthony Burgess
Things now-a-doing: or, The churches travaile of the child of reformation now-a-bearing (1644) by Stanley Gower