Primary Sources ~ Parliament

A charge against the Jews, and the Christian world, for not coming to Christ, who would have freely given them eternall life (1647) by Thomas Valentine
A divine ballance to weigh religious fasts in (1643) by Humphrey Chambers
A firebrand pluckt out of the burning (1645) by Benjamin Pickering
A glimpse of Gods glory (1642) by Thomas Hodges
A great wonder in heaven: or, A lively picture of the militant church, drawn by a divine pencill (1647) by John Arrowsmith
A model of true spiritual thankfulnesse (1646) by Thomas Case
A most worthy speech spoken in the Honourable House of Commons, by Sir Beniamin Rudyard (1642) by Benjamin Rudyerd
A payre of compasses for church and state (1642) by Charles Herle
A peace-offering to God. A sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons (1641) by Stephen Marshall
A plot for the good of posterity (1646) by Francis Cheynell
A religious and worthy speech spoken by Mr. Rouse in Parliament. Concerning the goods, libertjes, and lives, of his Majesties subjects (1641) by Francis Rous
A sacred panegyrick, or A sermon of thanks-giving preached to the two Houses of Parliament (1644) by Stephen Marshall
A sacred record to be made of Gods mercies to Zion: a thanksgiving sermon preached to the two Houses of Parliament (1645) by Stephen Marshall
A second speech made by the Lord Lowden, in the Parliament of Scotland the 24. of Septemb. 1641 (1641) by John Campbell
A second speech of the honourable Nathanael Fiennes, (second son to the right honourable the Lord Say) in the Commons House of Parliament (1641) by Nathaniel Fiennes
A sermon concerning death and resurrection (1644) by William Strode
A sermon preachd before the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament (1644) by Alexander Henderson
A sermon preached at Westminster before sundry of the House of Commons (1643) by Sidrach Simpson
A sermon preached before the Commos-House [sic] of Parliament (1624) by James Ussher
A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, at their late solemn fast, August 26. 1646. (1646) by Jeremiah Burroughs